Thursday, April 5, 2012

Random Relationship Thoughts (Goodbye)

it’s kind of ironic that this time last year i allowed you back into my life after all of that time. it had been over 15 years since our last relationship and over 6 years since the last time i put my eyes on you.  i seeked you initially just to check in and that is probably when i first went wrong yet there are no regrets.  we conversed and caught up.  it was nice. it all seemed to flow easily.  i was gitty yet no expectations.  2011 Easter weekend was beautiful. we were awesome.  you seemed to be sure.  then you said that i was what you wanted. i heard you and felt you and thought that this was the beginning. it now seems that all of what i thought was in my head yet my heart said otherwise. we went hard and we went fast and somehow didn’t stay on the same page.  it was a good ride. i learned some things that have made me stronger, smarter and more aware. i felt some things that i didn’t know to be as powerful, real and deep. i loved. i hurt. i grew. i embraced and now let go. maybe you weren't really meant for me and maybe i wasn’t really meant for you though i did love what we were. here is it is Easter again and we are no longer a “we”. there is you and an i. separate. completely apart. what difference a year makes?


stephanie. said...

went through something real similar recently too but you're right you learn and then you move on. a lot easier said than done obviously but eventually that's what it comes down to.

Freckles said...

girrrrrrrrrrrrrrl... it is just a character building experience. whole lot easier said than done for sure.

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