Friday, March 4, 2011

Slippery When Wet

Some ease their way into running, conversations, diets, exercise, loneliness while some ease their way into relationships. There is always a need for ease. Ease your way into it. In fact most times it's completely necessary to take your time. Make the time to make it be profoundly appreciated. Unfortunately it's not always this way. We live in this microwave society. We live in this instant and immediate culture of everything being done fast. A society of get right to it with no regard for direction or even a start up. Some (not all but more than a few) do not put forth the complete effort to follow and flow the process to achieve. Those "some" have become comfortably complacent with the mere concern of self = self centered, self conscious and simply selfish. Far too often we are all guilty of putting self in the way of the start-up but there is hope that we can converse upon this subject for rectification.
Slippery When Wet.
So rather than tip toeing around the subject let me be direct. There are some men that do not realize that a woman needs to be inspired, encouraged, desired to get the party started. There are men that may feel the same way but I am a woman so I can only speak from my female point of view. We both are guilty of not taking the time to work together for the greater pleasure. We don't always allow ourselves to give into the moment. Allow some instruction, direction or mere suggestion to make pleasure be mutually beneficial. Sometimes there should be some ease and concern for what your partner may or may not like. What makes her feel good, sexy and/or interested in participating but it is not an immediate situation. That's where the need for ease is sincerely and genuinely a must. After all you wouldn't just get into the car and go when it's cold right? You must warm it up first before it goes where you steer to your destination. A woman is the same way. She needs to be warmed up and steered. Anyone that has ever owned a car understands that they are gentle much like women and need ease, care and attention to function. After all who wants to deal with poor lubricants or engine stalls?
Keep in mind it's slippery when wet.
If you didn't follow me there, flow with me this way. HOTSPOTS. Internet hotspots. The signal is stronger in some areas than others and sometimes you gotta try something different to obtain maximum exposure. There are times when one doesn't have their own internet connection and another may. One may be able to reach another's signal. However one may need to move around or change their routine or point of connection to obtain another's signal… ya dig? The same can be said for a woman. There are different hotspots on her that may cause a different response. It's all in the point of connection necessary for the warm up. Think about it. When you turn on your computer, laptop, cell phone, IPODs, IPADS etc. it generally takes a moment to start up before it connects so that you can use it correct?
It can get so slippery when wet.
So if you take nothing from this, please keep in mind that there is a need for ease to warm up the hot spots with possible different methods for pleasure. In order to proceed to the wet, it must be encouraged and it can't always just be about he when there are two involved. Though it is a fact that it can be done with one, it's better with two. Two hands, two lips and two people. A woman is a gentle being and should be guided in that manner. If you give into some of the above it will be slippery when wet. Someone needed this info and now you can proceed to your previously scheduled posting.

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