Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May 1: Introduce, recent picture of Yourself & 15 interesting facts

I am Freckles 
 I love love. I am short woman with a big personality. Great legs and a serious shoe game.  I enjoy stimulating conversation, long walks and good music with a side of cocktail.
1.      I overuse bleach when cleaning. It is to the point that all the windows and doors should be open. I really like the smell.  I suppose that is what clean smells like.

2.      I sometimes get lust confused with infatuation

3.      I believe in being creative in all capacities.

4.      I love music that has heavy bass which is generally strip club music. I don’t much care what they say for the most part. It’s all in the beat

5.      Im very rarely speechless

6.      I miss phone conversations. Technology has held us all captive and allowed us to not be direct in our dealings.  We are so impersonal.

7.      I have a few standard picture poses.

8.      I always have a camera in my purse

9.      Mascara is a must

10.  I wear a size 8 shoe

11.  I am a bit of a perv in my thoughts

12.  I am 5’2 ¼

13.  I love music

14.  Discernment is something I seek

15.  I love my blog buddies and our relationships


DianaBoss said...

#4 - It does something to me. I told Crab "Bass makes me horny. then he said. "Everything makes you horny..."

Totally me too!

Anonymous said...

fun to read about you!

Anonymous said...

Love the photos, too!

★Starrla Monae☆ said...

2, 6, 7, 13, 14, 15...YES. Give me those big curls and earrings please and thanks!!

Freckles said...

Girrrrrl... there is something about that bass...

Freckles said...

Starrla, I make the earrings. It's my hobby and great gift for giving. When did you say your birthday was again???

Freckles said...

thanks hon

Freckles said...

just trying to stay inspired.

Don said...

Love this post.

Music and discernment, yes, wholeheartedly agreed.

Stop using all that bleach or it will eat your clothes. And what's wrong with confusing lust with infatuation? Lol. It touches the same nerves.

The death of phone conversations - blame technology.


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