Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Day 2 - Envy

Day 2 - Envy:  Seven things you lack and covet:

1. I ENVY those that have true love in their lives. I want to meet the love of my life. I do not know where he is but I sure would like to meet him, get to know him, build and fall in love with him.

2. My Masters Degree. I ENVY those that have completed theirs.

3. I ENVY those that have stepped out on complete faith and work for themselves.

4. I ENVY those that are doing exactly what they want to be doing professionally. I want a fulfilling career.

5. I COVET to have complete direction in my life.

6. I ENVY people that still have their father’s alive and in their lives. I miss my daddy so much. I just wish that he was still here and that I could hear his voice.

7. I ENVY those that do not have any debt or have paid off their student loans.


UglyCleanBroke87 said...

You, Starrla, and UN are making me want to do this challenge! LOL

I feel the same way about wanting direction, and also to be free from debt. It almost seems like being debt-free is one of the keys in finding direction in your life. I know for myself, having all these bills takes away from my focus on long-term goals.

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

i love how all the things you envy weren't material things.

and should do it. it's not too late.

Freckles said...

uglycleanbroke87 and TUN,
I figured if I was going to do this challenge that I should go ahead and be honest with myself. I want to be sure to take something away from this challenge. I am trying to grow - be a better woman and writer in the process.

JStar said...

Yea, I agree this challenge is more interesting than the others. I almost joined yall in the last one...

I so envy good relationships so bad I can taste it

K. Rock said...

I feel you on some of those.

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