Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Celebration of the 10th Anniversary of My 21st Birthday

THEME: 10th Anniversary of My 21st Birthday = 31

As I stated last week.  My birthday was Saturday, October 2 and I meant to post but I didn't - my bad.  I had a wonderful birthday.  My day began with a wonderful conversation with my bestie.  Then I spent the rest of the morning watching movies and conversing with mi Madre.  She is awesome.  I was glad that we had that time together because I felt me going into that I miss my daddy and he isn't here for another birthday moment once I looked in the mirror.  She didn't know this but it was constantly on my mind and her timing was impeccable.  She helps me through these meltdowns more than she knows.  I love the time that we spend together just conversing on all sorts of subjects.  This go around we both were rather emotional.  LIFE just always has a way of happening and becoming rather overwhelming but we have each other in this journey, as well as GOD guiding us and I believe that my daddy is watching over us too. 

I have FB coming to my phone as text and it became almost annoying but I love seeing who thought enough of me to wish me many more.  The phone just kept going off all day though and I was rather tempted to take the text subscription off - BUT OF COURSE I got over it!!!  Not too mention, I was paying attention to who was contacting me.  I was sort of expecting to hear from some certain people. 

Then this wonderful senior couple from my church called and asked to come by.  Honey, as we infectiously call her, bakes the most amazing Lemon cake that you have almost ever tasted in your life.  I put in a request several weeks ago and she remembered.  She and her husband came by and sang happy birthday to me which was super sweet!!!  I love them and they have a special something for me which is such a blessing.  You should always have wise counsel on your team.  It is the best way to learn.

I sort of just relaxed and had a few people bring by some gifts which was a pleasant surprise.  I love gifts but of course who doesn't.  I ran a few errands with one my girlfriend's to help her find something to wear for my party and ended up finding an amazing dress for she and one for myself, unexpectingly.  I was planning to wear something I had that I'd never worn and hadn't been able to fit prior to my weight loss and lifestyle change. Then I came across the dress for a bargin and even found a pair of shoes for another bargain that matched the dress.  Though it was not my intention to buy something - I went for it and it was

I relaxed in preparation of my party and sent out some directions as well as confirmations.  Once we got to the establishment I WAS ON... I looked great, felt great and was so overwhelmingly happy with the turn out of friends that shared in my special day. Every showed up looking absolutely SEXY in our sexy environment.  We had our own personal bartender/waiter - SAM, who was so on it.  He took care of us and he said we took care of him.  You have got to be pretty awesome when the bartender buys you a couple of rounds of cocktails - YAY ME!!!  It was a great time full of Raspberry Lemon Drops. 13 to be exact.  folks just kept buying them and I kept drinking them.  I did go into my youth and drank like I was 21 but this go around I kept it sessi (Sexy) ...

It was a great birthday and I have to say that I am blessed in spite of... Last year was tough and turning 30 wasn't as wonderful as this birthday being my father's death was so fresh.  I am thankful that I can feel and see my strength this year compared to last year.  I have had some emotional moments since my birthday but I am still in celebration mode.  I miss him.  I miss him so much and I really wish that I could see him see the woman that I am becoming.  I am just thankful that now I feel him more than I did my last birthday. 

So, I toast my thankful birthday spirit to my parents. 
My mother for being good to me and keeping me. 
Daddy Freckles who I continue to look more like everyday.  I see him in me. 
I will drink to that.


tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

wow..happy belated birthday. i'm sorry i didn't know sooner or i would have said it sooner. i'm glad you had a nice time. and i my mouth was literally watering when you were talking about that lemon seriously. i can taste it now and i'm kinda sad about it lol.

congrats on the dress fitting, sure that was a bday gift in it's on. and glad you had a great time. at least it sounds like you had a great time. birthdays should always be like that. you are officially in your 30's now..30 don't really count cause you're walking in the door. now before you know it you'll be in your mid thirties next month. yea it moves that i'm like 85 now.

JStar said...

I am glad that you had a GREAT birthday! Loss is hard all the time, but on special occasions its even harder...Every holiday its wierd witout my brother. I still remember all of his pranks and jokes on these days...Thanksgiving and Christmas is esp hard on me. My mom and I usualy hug and have a short cry, then we are mostly better. But her hugs are what get me through! That lemon cake made my stomach growl :)

khaki la'docker said...

Happy Birthday again! I see much sparkle in that dress... and much leg too LOL
Glad to hear that you had a wonderful birthday

Freckles said...

Mr. Narcissist,
DUDE!!! When I say that that lemon cake is the absolute bidness with a dash the devil. I keep going back for a little sliver piece. I have been trying to take my time with it so I can hav emore - smh - my inner fat girl. I am very excited about being in my 30's now.

JStar, I get so excited every time I see your name in my email with a comment. I swear you are becoming one of my blogger BFFs. Holidays are tough and I do not look fwd to them. I tend to get rather anxious but my mother is sooooo wonderful. She makes this move back to LA be not so bad though I am so OVER LA and trying to get back down south as soon as I possibly can. The lemon cake is FI!!!

Khaki, thanks so much again. You were the one of the first to wish me happy birthday and I so will not forget yours - just wait!!! MUCH sparkle and MUCH leg = wonderful combination (thanks to the 16 years of track and field).

★Starrla Monae☆ said...

Happy Belated Birthday missy! Your day seemed to be full of pure happiness and peace. The dress and shoes are HOT! Who did you meet that night? (Don't tell you didn't because I know you were working the room all birthday girl-like) Shall we read a future blog about it? Oh and please send me some cake in the mail LOL!

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