Tuesday, September 7, 2010

walk on by

Slowly walking past to the beat of my heart that eyes feel me as I glide across your mind like ur favorite tune only because you are watching.

I know, you know that I know you are looking and anticipating my next and every move as the hips swing from left to right in sync with the music that coincides with the beat of your heart pit pat pit

Sweetly awaiting

Awaiting the thought, the thought of satisfaction of me with you in a game of mental gratification along with some physical definition only because the emotions of mind are keeping me upon and you know that I know that I am what you are thinking.

It’s on your mind

Looking at you, looking at me makes me smile glide my tongue across my lips, hot and moist like the wonders of your mind. Pleasures of your soul like once said or even asked, do you dig it?

Is it me on your mind?

I like the way I see you, seeing me, see you diggin me. As I go on and do my thing while looking at you thinking of me all in a thought but instead you let me walk on by

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