Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Intimate Imagination (in the key of b)

Directions: Read very slowly, seductively and intimately.

Close your eyes
Imagine us
across your mind
within this thought

your constant desire
keeps you motivated to remain between
as you sit back and relax,
reflect closing your eyes
allowing anticipation to enter your vision
seeing me in the midst of roses
laying there nakedly
watching you watch me
from a distance
pleasuring you
slowly surely –
prohibiting you a touch.

our delightful lust
capturing your eyes
creating between my thighs
moistening my lips
embracing my breast
lying waiting
(slowly surely)

patiently quenching all urges
as my eyes water, body shivers, legs quiver
clenching as the moment is nearing
the union of body and soul
creating the need to taste you
touch you
feel you within me
slowly oh so surely

arching my back, rubbing my breast, down my stomach to my thighs
to brief anticipation
sparking shakes as my eyes close
feeling you
seeing me
wanting you to want me
opening wide.

gentle hand running down the center
to the left thigh up the right
slight eye contact
manifesting the core
finding the delectable sound of passion
increasing all aspiration for our inspiration

all temptation beyond satisfaction
the moisture of perspiration trickling down my spine in sync with this spirit.
our sweetest desires beseeching plenty of pleasant thoughts
caressing my thoughts keeping minds delight
keeping intriguing emotions flowing through the warmth of my skin
my complacent patience tantalizing the hope of devotion
the praise of passion combined with your point of view.
feel me?

anxiously awaiting to reach heaven
take the stars as my light within
being allowed to wake up to see the glory of the sun’s extremeties
ray upon legs spread across mountain peaks and narrow valleys
climax gushing through rustling lakes mere streams and vast oceans
hearing the whistle of the wind whispering softly in my ear
with each moan purred and breath caught
knowing that you are there
feeling your presence is pleasant
my slightest expectation keeping my strength of mind weak
curiously inquiring what my imagination seeks to gratify in this union.
feeling you
seeing me
wanting you to want me
feeling thank you from all of me to you.


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