Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Single In This City (LA): Top 10 First Date Ideas

Recently a friend said that since I have been having such problems, issues and minor dating blemishes that I should try a dating site. I am not sure how I feel about it but I will take it into consideration. In my research I have found that most sites require you to share your credit card info. I do not think that I am that much in need of a man to pay someone to find me one. After all what are my friends good for? I read on a dating site that these were the best first date and my thoughts on each let me know what you think and should I join a dating site? Have any of you?

1. COFFEE SHOPS: intimate and totally informal – not too mention I LOVE COFFEE! Great for conversation and some shops have events such as spoken work, live music and/or Karaoke

2. Restaurants: Cool and again can be intimate and informal depending on the location. Conversation over fool is nice but it also depends on the place and the company. There is nothing like having to sit through a meal with someone that you find not mentally or physically stimulating.

3. Romantic Walk: Possibly after we have had a few conversations but uhm… I am not sure how romantic you can be with someone that you don’t know. I guess it depends on the initial chemistry. Luckily there are very public beaches in LA.

4. Parks: on a nice day – cool. Kind of carefree and can be very relaxing but then again it truly depends on what park – LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION

5. Live Music: it’s cool but there is not much chance for conversation and all that yelling over the music or HUH!!! Not so much. It also depends if it is a mutual interest. But the communication via the body is somewhat promising. IF one pays attention there is much to be noticed/ observed.

6. Comedy Club: personally I AM NOT A FAN but I suppose some may be. Then there is that little something called a drink minimum.

7. Zoo: I am so not sure how I feel about this but again I guess it depends on the person. I may need to reflect on this one. Not too mention I do not think that I am that chick.

8. Bowling or Playing Pool: I’m such a fan. I think these are great and I enjoy them both. Fun and a little competition. Relaxed and allowing self to be self.

9. Amusement Park: Has anyone seen how much it cost to go to Six Flags, Disney or any other park? Now this is an investment and you better hope that you already know that you like this person. You have to save like it’s a vacation – not so sure about this one but I would like for someone to take me to Knotts Berry Farm.

10. Movies: Cool and I like movies but again has anyone seen how much it cost to go to the movies and please sneak your own snacks in her purse because you will go broke trying to get a popcorn, hot dog, nachos and a drink forbid that you want some twizzlers too. And I need a guarantee that I am going to like the movie.

Better hope that you date is worth the investment.

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stephanie said...

the last one was soo funny lol and sooo true!


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