Thursday, April 8, 2010


Lackin motivation to write.  I feel like there are some things to be said but not sure if this is the forum.  I  suppose to each their own.  I kind of want to talk about something but dont want to offend - as always I dont use names or even time stamps.  In fact some inspiration is not even mine.  Although I would like to take credit.  I have several blogs in the belly but none are ready for birth.  Sometimes you have to hold it in and once their ready they will come.

So look forward to Single in this City (LA) series... me dating and such in a place that is home but hasnt been home for a while.  Men are different everywhere but LA is a totally different beast.

There will be more about Mr. Unavailable as I have things to get out of my system as far as that is concerned.

I am thinking about starting another blog to voice some of my inhibitions but not truly motivated to do that either.  I guess I dont want to be judged.  That may be it.  It is just an idea right now but hell, I may just let it flow possibly once a week.  We shall see when it hits, it hits.   You see people have  way of trying to tell you what they dont like or dont think you should say or what to feel or that you are not carrying yourself in this manner and you are this or that.  I just am not in the mood for it.

I am going to be more into my writing as I am finally getting settled in this city.  I just need to be motivated or possibly inspired.  I will get past this mere emotion and get it together but it is what is right at this moment or at least my writing is what it aint.



Alovelydai said...

I so feel you sis...I was staring at at least 6 unfinished blogs. And then something just clicked and said YOU CAN WRITE WHAT YOU NEED TO WRITE...people can chose to be offended or not. IF you had the same feeling and people knew about it would it change how you originally felt? I get don't want to hurt anyone's feeling...but you can't really..they can chose to understand your POV or not! I'm off my soap box now...LOL! Keep at it sis!

JStar said...

I say, say what you feel...Dont worry about what anyone will think...It is not for us to judge...You gotta get it out...It was really hard for me to write posts about me being raped, issues with my father, being homeless and selling myself for money out of desperation...I almost didnt post...But do you know many sent me emails saying how my story touched them...I say be you and whatever comes out of your soul, let it flow...

Freckles said...

Alovelydai, thanks Ma. I appreciate the encouragement.

JStar, as always I love your words and you sharing...

thank you both.

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