Friday, April 9, 2010

His Freckled Curiosity

After all of this time.
He wanted to fulfill his curiosity and I didn't see it coming.

We exchanged all of the how have you been after all this time casualties. Our past/current lives children to adults. He shared that relationship had gone sour and was trying to figure it all out. I shared that I just moved back and trying to do the same. The conversation was mellow, cool and mild. We strolled down memory lane and it was brief. Then the tone changed. He went south in his delivery. You know that second where the voice goes down to an almost whisper. His demeanor changed and I allowed it. It happened suddenly and almost discreetly. I honestly didn't see it coming but it was late and realistically, we had no business talking that time of night but I still gave into his curiosity. His curiosity had gotten the best of him. He wanted to know what I was like after all of this time. He desired some sort of closeness that he longed for once upon a time. He inquired if he could taste my essence and feel his way through. In, out and across sheets skin to skin and close until his manhood erupted. That once upon a time was of my innocence as a girl and he was curious to know if the grown woman was anything like the girl he once knew. All of this with a little taste. It was not his initial intent but he was interested in a discreet rendezvous. You know they say that curiosity killed the cat.

Knowing what this is, do you go for it?


pennanddpaperr . said...

i loved the honesty and vulnerability in this post. most woman have been through this and what is better than reading something that you can identify with, nothing! ...well except shopping lol.

but i personally say, if you want to go there with him then why not. what do you have to lose? as long as you can walk away after its done with no regrets and extra emotional baggage. it has to be strictly about the sex.

*personally i would work him over! show him what he'll be missing lol*

Freckles said...

sounds good mama. sounds good. It has been almost 15 years since we last spoke. It is being taken into consideration.

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