Monday, January 18, 2010

Sunday Morning: Thankfulness (continued)

Sunday morning I went to church and of course I was late. I am not very sure why since I was up and slept good the previous night. Whatever the reason, I was late (dressed very cute) which made me have to park in the parking lot up the street from the church. Thankfully it wasn't presently raining and not freezing so the walk was going to be pleasant. So, as I walked I noticed an older lady well seasoned woman walking behind me so I slowed my pace, so we would be walking together and struck up a conversation. We exchanged pleasantries of the weather not being as cold even though it had been raining and she complimented my boots, which were rather fantastic if I do say so myself but as we know it’s my thing, and that she was glad that she had some flats in the car so she could walk up to the church instead having to walk in her heels. We laughed. Anyways, she and I walked and conversed all the way to the church about how wonderful the combined service is and how it is nice to see the church completely full. As we got into the elevator I told her that this was one of my last Sundays and she inquired as to why I was leaving the church. So I briefly explained to her that I had been out of work for 6 months and that I was moving back to Los Angeles with my support system (my family) and get some help. She asked about me having family locally here in Atlanta. I responded with no but that I did move here with a friend and we had met some wonderful people at the church. She shared a story about her nephew who had recently bought a house and a newer car but had been laid off and she was concerned about him. Once we made it to the sanctuary, I told her to have a wonderful day and we split directions of the church. Once I made it to my seat (not in my favorite spot or pew and very far in the way back of the sanctuary) I recognized how much I was going to miss this church family. There were pleasant and concerned faces there, friendly gestures and warm spirits. This is the kind of church that just feels good and I have grown so much there. I began to tear a bit (because it is what I do, I cry). Tears of joy and thankfulness. I got it together as offering approached (we walk around) and as I made my way around and got settled I felt a tap on my shoulder, pulling my arm up and reaching for my hand. The lady that I walked to church with slid some money in my hand and closed it quickly saying that she wanted me to have this and that I made her morning. I humbling smiled and of course I teared up while expressing my gratitude.
I put the money in my purse and thanked God for her spirit and this church body. I do not even know the woman's name and I do not believe that I told her mine. I didn't feel as if I had done anything special or even said anything profound or worth any acknowledgment. All I did was be polite and carry on a possible 15 minute conversation with this nice woman on our way to church. How wonderful was it that it made her day and I was just trying to be polite and considerate.
No Gimmicks.
That moment was a blessing for me in a few different plateaus.  The main one being that God works in special ways to provide confirmations or just to let me know that He is there moving even when it seems that He has blinked. AWESOME! It was also confirmation of my character and the woman I striving to be. I want to be a respected woman by all but I especially appreciate a well-seasoned woman appreciating the woman that I am now. One of the others is that I had paid some bills and $20 was that is exactly what I needed.

I am thankful for the possibilities. The possibilities that God has in store for me as make changes in my life and allow Him to do all that He is doing in my life especially the little things. My spirit is full and my cup runneth over. I hope that all that read this will appreciate the little things in life and move past all of the worries of the past (yes, easier said than done). There are so many things to be thankful for and while it is not always possible to see the good in bad-know that there is always something in the works.
Peace, Blessings and Miracles,


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