Tuesday, November 24, 2009

thoughtful - thinking of him

There is always that one that you think about and no you have no damn business.  He was just oooooh...  the one that you hugged just a little too long.  The one that you had long meaningful conversations about all sorts of things.  The one that is off limits or is simply out of reach.  The one that has made you feel wonderful, put a twist in your hips with a lick of his lips.  He turns you all sorts of on and warms your areas.  He is that one. The one that you shouldn't, couldn't, can't, won't,  mustn't, better not... you get the picture.  However, there is something about your feelings.  The way he makes you feel when you are in the midst of a moment.  The way you smell him when he is not even around or hear his voice in you head.  The fantasies of I remember or I wish.  Damn, I miss him.

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