Tuesday, November 10, 2009

PSA #201: Wack Ass Women (Get Your Act Together)

I am sick and tired of wack as women!!! 
Get your act together!!!

There is an epidemic of women that do not feel like that should take responsibilty for themselves.  They have babies (yes plural), dont work, get all kind of assistance, take opportunities to live off someone else, get child support, steal, lie and dont give a damn who they hurt in the process.

It is like that moment when you see the woman on Maury stating her case.  Her hair is well put together, her clothes look fantastic and quite possibly looks like she should be a nice, well put together woman.  Anyway, she pleads her case and goes on and on - then Maury says YOU ARE NOT THE FATHER.  the story generally ends there ans she starts crying out of embarrassment.  We very rarely hear the man's point of view. after all she did change his life - she filed for child support, harrassed him, his current somebody, his mother, siblings and possible broke the window out his car.  She even brought him on TV to attempt to embarras him but what does she do when she has to deal with her lack of carefulness.  Why is it that its ok

Why is that some women take the time to damage men?  This I will never know.  He is a nice guy and takes care of business.  He even wants to be with her even though she has other kids.  He wants to make it work.  He feels that she is worth it but then again he is too nice.  She learns to take advanatage and for a while he lets her but when is enough... enough?  She moves on and neglects his feelings but keeps him dangling just in case.  Why does he settle?  What is so great about this wack ass woman?

How is it that a man can be a good father, be ther for his child, do for his child and then get put into a situation where he is not able to take care of himself. Get a job - Shady ass women that do whatever it takes to get over - Child Support is for the child not for you to take care of your responsibilities.  Someone I love dearly is being manipulated and cheated by a wack as women.  He has his responsibility in the situation but this is not about him.

Then there are those WACK AS WOMEN that feel the need to sneak and creep.  STOP looking for shit that may not be there.  Don't sabotage your relationships by showing your insecure self.  If you feel the need to go through his email, his phone, his pockets, his personal anything  what does that say about you?  Why are you with him?  Do you not have anything else better to do than go behind this man?  Why do you insist on making something be there?  There are good men out there that do believe in monogamy, in being loyal, in being respectful, in being respectful etc.  You WACK ASS WOMEN need to recognize and respect who you are so you can stop being wack.

So this is for that woman that doesnt feel the need to be a good woman.  WOMAN UP and GROW UP!!!  Stop being drama, get a job and take care of yourself.  Don't depend on your pussy to do it for you. STOP making that man have to be malicious  GROW UP!!!

I am freckles and I approve this message.

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