Friday, November 13, 2009

Freckles' 31 Flavors

I love ice cream. It can be soft served, scooped, on a cone or in a cup. It is pretty awesome that there are an abundance of flavors, textures and mixtures that have the power to makes you feel good when you are sad, comforts you when you are lonely and is even good no matter the weather. Ice cream is kind of like my sex and/ or temptation. Different people enjoy and pursue sex and ice cream in different forms and or flavors. While ice cream can be therapeutic, emotional, sexy, creative as well as tasty; Sex can be fulfilling, sweet, comforting when you are happy or sad and hopefully makes you feel satisfied unless you run across the wrong flavor – ugh!

You can never go wrong with Vanilla (1) though I would not proclaim it to be my favorite by any means but it’s always there is always the base or the standard. It is not as eventful or as exciting as some other flavors but is readily available. There are no additives or any real stimulation and I can generally take it or leave but when I have options it is definitely not my first choice. I think of vanilla as the accompanier of apple pie or peach cobbler or the standard sex. It is better than nothing but can be enhanced. There is always French Vanilla (2) or Vanilla Bean (3) which are slight spins on the standard. Since we are talking about vanilla, I am reminded of Mr. Cherry Vanilla (4) which is not one of my favorites but it was his. He would do this like that and I wanted to please all of his sweet desires….

However I have to say that I prefer my ice cream like I prefer my men = Chocolate (5) and there are so many varieties and complexions. There is Dark Chocolate (6) which is not too bitter, not too sweet or even milky. It’s simply about the pure sex chocolate. Chocolate Fudge (7) is a creamier more sensual spin on your standard chocolate and holds a little something extra underneath while his Gold Medal Ribbon (8) made me truly believe I was his number one. You see, it is something about a chocolate brotha with his vanilla appeal and caramel chemistry. It’s sweet and unlike anything else and kind of just works all together and made me feel the desire to be submissive or simply indulge to the center of my core with his Karamel Sutra (9) encircled with his chocolate chunks and my caramel cream. Ooooh... of course all good things in moderation but why not be obsessive after all ice cream should be sweet and creamy with Praline (10) one top or be seductively sultry like Fudge Brownie (11) but of course it should always…………….just…………………..taste………………real……………….good.

In college I got addicted to Coffee (12) but it was more the caffeine that kept me encouraged and up for those long nights but as I grew older I began to need a little more kick with some BAILEYS® Original Irish Cream (13). I was so gloriously smooth, so deliciously creamy, with that distinctive taste but he didn’t last very long which was not nearly as disappointing as that Rum Raisin (14) which isn’t really that bad but not exactly the warmth you expected and I was left with not much to say at all. However that Half Baked (15) kept me high and under his spell for a long time before college, after college and even until recently. I continually came back for more and more sugarasms. He was the perfect blend of vanilla with more chocolate combining chocolate chip cookie dough and fudgy brownie bits – sweetly delicious, richly delectable and always a surprise with each and every thrust spoonful. It was my guilty pleasure to scrape the corners and suck the spoon clean wiping my mouth when done. DAMN I LOVE his momma and daddy BEN & JERRY for that HIGH flavor.

For extra positions perks I like to refer back to Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup (16), Mocha Almond Fudge (17) and Marble Fudge (18) to keep it interesting after all chocolate is universal. Each in their own right special and too rich to have all the time although I like to be able to get some kind of Black Walnut (19) each and every time.

I like Rocky Road (20) but it is only really good with actual marshmallows otherwise it’s like sex without kissing. It is just not the same with the marshmallow swirl and most of us know that kissing is intimately involved but I love kissing. I am not a fan of Mint Chocolate Chip (21) but then again I am not into my toes being sucked either however to each their own. I know plenty of people that like both - although that Mr. Cherry Vanilla almost made me like mint chocolate chip…

There once was a man that offered to kiss every Chocolate Chip (22) on my body and venture into my Cookies n Cream (23). It sounded good but he reminded me of Chunky Monkey (24). The thought of walnuts and chocolate chunks made me wanna but they were no match for the banana. I am just not that into him the flavoring. I do enjoy the taste of Butter Pecan (25) but he is sometimes too old fashioned or simply missionary and can’t always be a lazy lay.

Rainbow Sherbet (26) is kind of childish like humping fully clothed for me but can be a bit more exotic with Pineapple Coconut (27) though sherbets’ speak more English. From time to time I have been known to love Strawberry Cheesecake (28) and of course the best place for cheesecake is up north on the East Coast. Damn, I like the accent of thick graham cracker against my strawberry swirl! I very fond of Strawberry Shortcake as well especially since its on a stick and I wanna ride.  However if I am feeling particularly frisky and have that special indulgence, I may give into a like it or love it sized Coldstone Creation with all my favorite mix-ins. Sometimes I just rather have it all my way with all the extra bells and whistles. The perfect amount of touch, luscious kisses, special suckings with lickings of my Mud Pie Mojo (29). Ooooooooooooooooh Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Sometimes it pays to just keep it smart with Strawberry (30) is kind of like a good thoughtful kiss with that significant someone. It is sweetly sensual and always remembered. Once blended and packaged with chocolate and vanilla it’s simply Neapolitan (31) which is actually sorta perfect.

What's your flavor?


Citizen Ojo said...

I like Rocky Road Ice Cream but I don't know how to compare that to a woman. Rocky Road has alot of crap in it so I can't say I want a woman full of crap. Nutty, Marshmello Soft is hard to describe. But I'm sure you would know how if it was a man...ha ha ha

P.S. 31 Flavors huh?

Freckles said...

Citizen: I would say Rocky Road has all the stuff you like your woman to have. I would say that you generally like the taste of chocolate and we all like "nuts" while you enjoying "nuts" you like to creamy white mixture of marshmallows to balance it all out. Good to the last drop. Well something like that... I suppose. However Rocky Road for me is like kissing. It taste good with surprises along the way (nuts and marshmallows) however like sated above I only like the rocky road with the actual marsh bits. lol.

A girl loves her ice cream... all 31 flavors. I am sure there are a few more but I didnt have good comparisons. Did you at least enjoy or shall I say was it as tasty for you as it was for me?

Citizen Ojo said...

Good Description, Although I can go without the "Nuts" because it's really not what makes it work for me. I too like the Marshmellows. What does that mean when both a man and a woman likes marshmellows? ha ha ha...

Freckles said...

I have answer for that but I am going to practice my tact at this very moment.

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