Thursday, December 9, 2010

I’m STILL not that chick but if I was...

I find this to be neccessary again as it seems some may not have gotten the point the last time.  I will get off this soapbox when it is no longer valid.

No, I am STILL not that chick but if I was you should be nervous but bitches like you that make wish that I were.

It is a shame when a woman has a good man and doesn't know what to do with him. A man that is not afraid of being a man and loves her in spite of her.  He takes care of home and his family in it.  He loves, honors and respects all her wishes even when he disagrees. He spends time, adores her and even waits patiently for her to decide when the time is right to make it all good on paper.  He allows her to be who she is and tones himself down a bit by not kicking it as much and even cutting off the female friends that may make her uncomfortable. His life is all about her and their family.  I am sure that are problems but in the big picture he is a good man who has room for improvement but we all should be works in progress.

It is funny how that woman cannot appreciate what she has and spends way too much time pointing out imperfections and minor details of who his friends are and what he is doing with them and why it is not time to tie the knot. It is a shame when that "good man" feels the need to vent about his love for this woman and profess to be patient. He shares his frustration and still manages to bring it home to her. He sees that it is not as good as it could but makes an effort to work at his relationship with her. It's ironic that bitches women like that feel the need to try to find something wrong sabotage with her "good man" by going all through his email and showing her insecurities to other people.  She would take the time to contact those women that may of threat instead of talking to him. She would try to find a reason to give up on him instead of being thankful. It is sad that women like this make a good man wanna leave the one he's with like Usher.  It is a shame when this woman cannot find the time to ask her "good man" how his day was or what's on his mind or simply say "baby, I was thinking about you and want to cater to you in appreciation for all that you do".  It's funny how that woman that has that "good man" feels the need to parade herself as that man to try to find something that is not there. 
There are women out there that wait for women like this to make a mistake and slip up.  There are women out there that know how to take care of a good man and uplift him and please him at the same time.  There are women out there that could show a good man how wonderful he is and not second guess his any move.  These women are friends and there waiting for their opportunity and chance to make that good man theirs.  They see him and the big picture. They feel his frustrations and know how to cure it and want to have what you have. She will do whatever it takes as soon as possible so be careful.  Watch out and proceed with caution. This is a warning. There is always another waiting in the wings and hoping that you continue to go through his phone and calling/ texting via his phone pretending to be him. I know this woman and I often wish to be her but I am not. 

I respect him and I even respect you although at this moment you don't really deserve it. I am not one that you have to worry about at all but if I were that chick you made your one mistake and the ball could have been in my court.  I see how this could have played out if I was that chick. It would have been so easy but lucky for you, I am really just his friend and I'm not that chick.


Traci Lavette said...

That's pretty sad that your friend is going through this with "that" woman. At some point, though, your friend is going to have to make a wise decision in letting her go. It appears that he has changed for her, has tried to be the best man for her, and really wants to work on what he has with her. But, for some reason, she is more comfortable with making life miserable for him. Could it be trust issues from past relationships? Is she just insecure with herself as a woman? I don't know, but she is going to ruin that man for the next female. The relationship is not a healthy one - even if my opinion is on the outside looking in. It still looks like something needs to shift in the direction of couples therapy or in the direction of "away from each other".

Keep us posted...if you become "that chick" LOL! Nah, seriously though. I would be interested to see how this plays out.

Freckles said...

Hey Traci,

Girl, that damn facebook - there is a whole story about it but since my blog post to fb I wasnt trying to be a hellafied shit starter. He is my boy from highschool. We have been friends since 93. She is a trip and she needs to get her act right. I havent spoken to him since she contacted me. I am sorta leavin it alone, but i thought that I would blog about it and hope that he comes across it. lol.

btw, he is back in Los Angeles but once upon a time... he is my boy and we have been nothing but friends. He even stopeed talking to me on the phone a few years ago when he proposed to her. They have 3 kids but she hasn't married him yet. Go figure! Im just saying I am single woman that wouldnt mind having a good man.

She Hate Me said...

I am feeling this post.

I understand your plight; good men always do.

It's hard, but just be there. If his eyes open one day, you don't have to be that chick.

He'll come to you.

Traci Lavette said...

Girl! LMAO!!! I just set my FB up to come over to my posts too LOL!!! So the semi-sensoring is on...but maybe not. That is super funny!

So you are by-way-of-Cali, are ya?

I hope he comes across it too and release himself from that puppet's string he's on. (Now I'm hoping he doesn't see this LOL). Side note to Mr. L.A., if you do see it..."I'm just saying"

I'm in your boat with wanting the good man and all that. I talked about the one in the Intensity post, but I'm not sure he is for the long run...that's for another post though. I would say, like I know you would tell me, "keep putting your bid in". He'll come around.

Freckles said...

Yall are too much!

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

wow....this shit right here. wow...

truth be told. i try to tell women this all the time. that there are good women out there who know and want to treat a guy good. all these chicks who take that for granted are playing with fire. because there truly are women out here that can do so much better than what you're (dumb chick) doing.

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