Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Off Limits - Have you been tempted?

There was a look about him. He just seems to have a confidence that sweated out his skin. After all we are in the gym. I caught a quick glance of him as I walked over to the treadmill. He was talking the short stocky dude with bass toned voice. I nodded and smiled so that I would not seem rude and set all my stuff down and set up for the walk ahead. However he is rather attractive. His cheek bones seemed chiseled and were cover by smooth golden glazed caramel skin. His lips were pouty but not too full. He smiled and said wassup but made full eye contact. It was engaging and I was trying to see his status. However the other machines were in my way and I was trying to be overly obvious. Their conversation was masculine and terribly boring but I assume mainly because the shorter man's daughter was with him. She was a cute little girl very quiet and busy trying to climb up this machine while checking to see if her father was observing her foolery. It made me smirk and open my book as I set the treadmill timer for 15 minutes. As I got my tempo together and developed my rhythm I tried to sneak another peak out the corner of my eye. I then decide to be slicker and look through the mirror to get a better as I pretend to be checking out myself. I see him checking me out too. Yes, to myself but only if I can see his status. Damn the machines and boy I hope that this man sees his little about to hurt herself. Should I say something to her? Uhm...

Well anyway...

"Wow you can read while you on there. That is amazing. I have a hard time walking and reading." he says with such observance.

"I've become a bit of professional with my multi-tasking and I don’t have any music." I respond and attempt to seem into my book.

"Yeah man I wouldn't be able to do that" the short man says as he rushes to the other side of the gym to rescue is daughter from the machine that she has climbed up.

Ok, so he is paying attention and that is cool. It’s good for the ego as I try to sweat down a dress size in effort to be sexy in that dress. Yes it’s kind of vain but healthy is good and I want to be slightly slimmer. I want to feel a bit more comfortable in my clothes and hell really I have a lot of pent up energy. I have to have some sort of release and I might as well kill two birds with one stone. It's here to use and I am going to take advantage. Not to mention there is generally something nice to look at while getting my shape together.

"Well man I need to get out of here. I got some stuff to get together and feed this girl. It was good hollering at you man." The short man signs out and exits the gym.

I try to look around and seek his status again and nothing again. The machine signs off and I get off the treadmill and go over to the side of the gym where the mats are to try to stretch a bit and finish the chapter in my book. As I sit and actually mind my own business he comes over to a machine near me. He then turns around.

“What are you reading?”

“Can you stand to be blessed by TD Jakes…”

We go into a very extensive conversation over numerous subjects and he even moved over near the mats and sat on the floor to sincerely hear what I had to say. The conversation was good and relaxed. He seemed nice and had charisma.  He spoke using correct grammer and even corrected himself when pronounced words incorrectly.  He had nice teeth and a firm body.  I even noticed the sweat slowly dripping off the top of his head and down the side of his face. I felt myself almost stopt listening to the words coming from his mouth. I tuned into the bead of sweat slowly go down the side of his lip and drop down off his chin. As he wiped the side of his mouth, I focused on lips as he spoke with such grace and intelligence. I wondered if his lips were soft and if he was a passionate kisser or if he even was a good kisser. My continued to wonder and go way over board.  I had to shake out of temptation and check his status. DAMNIT!!! He is married. Of course – well she did good is my next thought as I gave his wife a subliminal high five and attempted to get back into the conversation that had gone on without me for several minutes.  
I had to laugh at myself. In the midst of my current horny single status I look at every man that crossed my path. I wonder about them and often wondered if they would be worth knowing. I look them over and check them out head to toe.  I check out teeth, hands, shoes and of course lips. It is funny how a man seems so wonderful intitally and how status can change that. I know that there are women out there that don’t care about that but I am not one of those women. At least I do not believe that I am.  I always check for status but there are men that dont wear their rings.  Although that ring doesn't mean anything to some.  My mind often goes to being able to handle the situation if the roles were reversed.  Sometimes that man is tempting and there is a connection or chemistry.  I suppose there are justifications but is it ever really ok to give into a few moments of possible pleasure? I have to admit that sometimes I am tempted to indulge in that forbidden territory but try to remain clear.  Have you ever been tempted to go off limits?

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