Tuesday, July 21, 2009


There are a few kinds of women out there. There are good women, pretty women, smart women to which you are none. There are men that sneak connive, manipulate, and women that just fall stupid for a man. This is you. It’s sad that your grown ass felt the need to go through these changes. It is sad that he has made you feel the need to be sneaky, be bitchy and be messy. You felt the need to go through his email. You saw all of their correspondence. You even took the time to search her on Face book. You even added her as a friend and then you decided to try to cover you hurt by flaunting him to her. Showing all of you vacation pics, you family pics, you so called happiness… well at least what you hope the pictures portray. Clearly this is not the case or this ode would not need to be written. It is rather ironic that we have to go through this every once in a while with one another but it happens. We get a little possessive. We get a little crazy. We get a little out of ourselves. We get a little paranoid. We react and don’t think. There was never a thought of who is she, why is she or how could she. You did not say a word. You felt the desire to just sit there in the cut and watch. Silent and fully aware. That is some real bitch ass shit. You didn’t do the woman to woman. You didn’t speak up. You didn’t ask any questions – you didn’t even tell her who you were but I assume that was above you. I, though not her see you type. I, though not her see your game. I, though not her sees that your grown ass was not mature enough or woman enough to speak up and WOMAN UP. You grown ass did not desire to call her and even compare notes. You could have discussed this woman to woman or emailed woman to woman – BUT NO – that was above you. Now he deserves you and you deserve him. You all deserve each other and she deserves better. It seems that you are the reason why he does not have phone. It seems that you are the one that took his broke ass to Puerto Rico. It seems that you are the one that keep him kept. You keep his broke ass and the time that he left his email open and you took a chance to “mildly” assert your fake ass womanhood and take advantage of the situation. Don’t blame you for that, Not even mad about that but you went through all of that (go through the email, assumed that you read through all the email, the chats etc. you took that and went onto face book. Search her and sent her a friend request. Then you waited and watched – assumed. All of that to add her and play this child’s game. Do we still do that at 40 years old? I mean really – do we? In fact that is not all then you went posted this note, changed your profile pic and added a bunch of new pics of you and his punk ass. Still nothing is said. The issue is that you did not say anything. You planned this game and went through it all. You pulled all the pictures. You probably went through her shit to figure her out. Try to feel and see what the competition is. She was never competing with you. You are not even worth it. She saw you and so did she and her and her and them and they see you and they see her. Honee, there is not real comparison. In fact, her mother believes that you should buy you some good support for those raggedy ass titties. They need support and so do you. You are the kind of woman that my grandmother warns me not to be. The kind of woman that goes through all these changes to keep a wick ass, broke ass dude that ain’t worth a pot to piss in, apparently. Instead of speaking up or going to her woman to woman. You did this. You brought her to a place that was unlike her however she did come to you with split tongue sharing how he fucked her or how his fit her pussy. She did not come at you with forked tongue sharing their many escapades or sex-capades. WOMAN TO WOMAN – She could have come to 3655 and came to you woman to woman and compared notes. She could have but she didn’t. she demonstrated something that you didn’t. She WOMAN’d UP – she recognized that you and he ain't shit and seem to just like shit. What’s your purpose and motivation? You went through it unaware that you weren’t even a clue. You were all up in her business -what kind of nonsense is this? You didn’t feel the need to WOMAN UP – but you know what. Bitch, it’s cool. I see you and I feel bad for you but most of all I thank you. NOTHING IS FOR NOTHING! Just like you, her friends are in on this. We see, we feel and we all pity… you and your shit. My grandma says that you don’t know what some women have to put up with to have that man. It’s not truly understood. You put up with some shit that she won’t and I appreciate that. Now she can see that he ain’t shit and he likes/lives/loves/fucks with women that aren’t shit. Women that are you. Women that cannot WOMAN UP. I guess we should be thankful to you. You get to do all the things that she doesn’t have to do. Take care of him and keep him well kept. There comes a time when you put childish things behind you. There has to be a time when we grow up and conduct ourselves as adult women – right? You would like to believe that once we reach a certain age that we would all be able to WOMAN UP!

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