Sunday, May 17, 2009

waiting to exhale

i wrote this while at COI (City of Ink - Awesome Tattoo shop) with my roommate. enjoy waiting to exhale feel your worries slip away as we attempt to become us (one) slowly caressing, passionately playing. nothing but one letting go of we. together. patiently winding up to our tempo. relax.relate.meditate. we are almost one. up and down in and out touching your soul with my thigh and taking you all into me with my mission to become part of you so we can be one us together sexy passionate creative our funk overtaking this space slowly surely freely completely. content.cultured.unselfish. feel your way through dot all your i's cross all of your t's touch every spot leave no spot unworked. take your time after all we are time no need to ask you for an details it’s all known new yet familiar us becoming one leaving we behind in sync with our beat pit pat pit pat almost there thinking that I am so thankful to be in this place feeling your soul reach my other thigh anticipation motivation with our complete dedication of us becoming one no longer we slow steady picking up tempo freely.

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