Saturday, May 2, 2009

Temptation: Proceed with Caution

He is involved but he thinks that he wants me. How can I present myself as your temptation? How does temptation smell, taste and/or feel. I close my eyes and fall in tune with the music. A temptation is an act that looks appealing to an individual but this does not always have to be negative. As I lay here, thinking and reflecting – I feel the desire to share my music of my temptation. At this moment I am feeling another kind of way so to speak. Not sure if it is bad or good but it is what it is. It is magnetizing and captivating. At this moment there are pleasurable desires erupting within me along with a combination of sensual lust and abundant passion. My senses are peaked by these intimate thoughts, feelings and desire. They seemingly hold me captive to reaction. They are heard, seen, smelled, tasted and can also be touched which make them very real to me.
“…You walk in the room in a sunset sort of mood my emotions light up cause of you now that evenings come we’re dressed for us my love wine and candles puts us in a sexy mood….”
I am so there and it is a beautiful place. It smells erotic and it feels warm with the heat of passion that embraces my core tightly. The tightness encourages deep breath after deep breath as my heart beat intensifies in sync with the music. My thought is initially to be a special for two but one for now.
“…. That when we get to it, close your eyes, feel your way through it…”
As I close my eyes, I am completely there with a thought. Caressing all of those “supposed” forbidden spots of delite and feeling the tempo slowly move through my veins, tickling all the soft parts and blending in with the harmony of this creativity.
“…you’ve made love to my mind now you gotta take me from behind…”
This desire of temptation is overwhelming and completely private. Its so private that I thought to share with strangers. The same strangers that again are not quite available to place judgemnet. After all, you have had this moment. The moment where you hear something and it triggers something in you. That something that seems as if it can not be contained. This temptation is the want of experience. It mildly takes over and lingers around when I least expect it. Somehow I figure that it is not just my imagination. It’s real and in full color. It is in line with all of my senses.
“…Now that we felt this warm explosion
I know you're satisfied
I see it in your eyes
Be still my love
Let your heart slow down'
Cause I'm no through my dear
So you can't stop…”
Ooooooh, Yes there. In my mind this is beautiful. When you are truly connected to someone there is nothing more than desire to make them happy and feel good over and over and over… then you are able to touch, taste and smell your own temptational fantasy. Ain’t that alright?

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