Sunday, April 19, 2009

In Search of Him

Although I am ok with being single I am still wanting to have the special someone. A special someone that is for me. He should be the one that God has made for me. Sure it sounds good and I am now old enough to understand that fairy tales are what you make them. Fairy tales are easy. They all are same and basic premise of a boy and girl... but they are always destined to be together. I want that feeling of being together and it be right.
Today on my way home from church (which was pretty good by the way) I saw this older well perserved couple walking in the parking lot smiling and chit chatting while walking and holding hands. It was just nice. In that moment I wondered what their story was and how it began. What thing drew her to him and him to her? What kinds of things did they disagree about and what would be their best advise to this single woman?
Yes this series of questions went through my head.
I often wonder where he is and if he is ready to hold my hand. Where is he? Who is he? How does he feel? What does he think? I am I even ready for him?
Another series of question running though my head.
I have often said that I am in love with love (I am alreasy working on putting those thoughts together.... stay tuned). I love what it looks like, how it feels and the work it takes to have it. I have loved, been loved and have been obessessed with love. I want to love him, him whomever he be. I figure that he should be ambitious, beautiful (mind and spirit) caring, compassionate, determined, erotic, faithful, gracious, hopeful, amongst other things... He will keep me challenged and encourage me to be a better me. He will pray with me and for me. He will tell me when I am wrong and will trust that I will do my best to understand his point of view.
I am searching to be the best me for him to be find me so we can hold hands.
It encouraged thoughts of the possblities of a rekindled flame. I want to be that woman holding his hand. I want to feel the passion of his heart in my thoughts and want him to touch my soul with his passion. I want to hold

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