Friday, September 22, 2017

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Growing into me... (in the drafts)

Is God pleased with me?
This statement echoes in my mind even now. This took me in several different directions and encouraged some self reflection along with some praise.
I have made some mistakes, told some lies and have not always liked the person that I was. wow, right? Yeah, that is what I think. It is what it is and its something to put it out there like that.
You see, I once was a person that felt the need to be validated by people, things and titles. My need for validation was like a drug. It never seemed like enough. I always needed something additional to top the last high. This drug turned me into aomeone and something else. It made me forget who I was and it mildly over powered my faith in self and in God. It is a very sad place to be but in the moment it feels good and feels real.
Validation is...
Here is my testimony...
God is awesome and sometimes you have to go through alittle something in order to see how awesome He really is. I am not here to telt anyone who or what to believe in but I am here to share my testimony.
As I am slowly approaching 30, I am blessed to have the opportunity to see me in a better light. I am in a wonderful place called contentment. There are people that go their entire lives without being able to look inthe mirro and like/love the images that stares back. There are people that do nota allow themselves the opportunity to see themselves (the good the bad and the ugly)

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