Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Call Me...

Calling and texting are not the same thing.

Call me old school or whatever but I miss the dynamic of a phone conversation.  I remember a sweet time in my life when I could sit on the phone all giggly and happy to just hear the voice on the other end. Long conversation upon a plethora of subject concluding with you hang up, no your hang, Imma hang up... GOOD TIMES.  There was also the period before cordless phones that makes me laugh.  I had the longest spiral cord ever just so that I could feel as if was a private conversation in another room.  Of course that as a girl.  I even recall how amazing my skills were when I hear the phone ring and I raced to be the one thn
at answered it instead of the parental unit who would ask a lot of a questions.  I dare not to deep sigh or even huff as if I was annoyed, though I was,  The call was that important.  That was also of the time of the pager, in which I had several different colors and changed and/or airbrushed the the cases... FRESH!  I could give me pager number to anyone and return their call.  Those calls were always kind of cool because they were expected.  It was the time of truly trying to to what was up with another. The process of learning one to another.  Simply hearing their voice in response to mine.  It seems that the phone as well as a conversation has become a lost art.

 Simple conversation between two.

how you doing
how was your day
what's on your mind
Penny for your thoughts...

As much as I love technology, I believe that it has made us lazy and impersonal.  Some almost do not know how to function or communicate effectively unless they speak in code and/or acronym,  I can only LOL and SMH so many damn times but please do not even get me started on that damn LOL - one of the most OVERUSED of them all.

The conversation is to be appreciated and cannot be replaced via text.  Far too often things are lost in translation, misunderstood and unreal in a text.. Far too often words are misspelled left out and missed in a text but all could be avoided in a conversation.  In a conversation we are heard, learned and often appreciated.  Hearing a man say something sweet and/or sexy is far more special than reading it in a text (hint hint).  


Newy said...

I TOTALLY agree with this post. I said something like this to the guy I am seeing now. I said as much as I delight in your "Good morning" texts, I would rather a "Good morning" call, just to hear your voice. There is something melodic about hearing a voice on the other end. I just found your blog via the Grady Doc and I really enjoy reading you.

Freckles said...

It is kind of crazy how stymied folks are in technology. It has been truly a transition with trying to get to know someone that claims to not like talking on the phone.. excuses.

thanks so much for reading and please share. I am working on writing more.

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