Tuesday, February 12, 2013


I have desired a relief for my HEART.  I have desired LOVE and my HEART has been open yet it has not come.  Repeatedly HEARTbreak pays hommage to my being continually uninvited yet ever present. I am THANKFUL.  All my HEART wants is to be free.

The HEART is a very sensitive instrument.  I am THANKFUL that the HEART is a vital organ that is synonymous with love.  I am THANKFUL that the HEART is more than a metaphor.  I am THANKFUL that the HEART is the seat of the soul.  I am THANKFUL that you cannot live without the HEART.  I am THANKFUL that the HEART pumps and beats.  I am THANKFUL that the average HEART beats 72 times per minute and it beats over 100,000 times a day.  I am THANKFUL that the HEART beats almost 38 million times a year.

My HEART has been used, abused, adorned, held, embraced, sacrificed, loved, hated, pumped, broken, mended... I have made it through.  With all of that involvement, it still remains hopeful and open to the possibility of LOVE.

I am THANKFUL that I have a HEART to be merciful.  I am THANKFUL that I can have a change of HEART to change your mind.  I am THANKFUL that I can know something by HEART which isn’t phone numbers due to technology making me lazy minded.  I am THANKFUL that I have had my HEART in the right place to help ENCOURAGE people.  I am THANKFUL that being kind has been HEARTfelt.  I am THANKFUL that I can have my HEART set on something such as a life upgrade (Lord, I am ready when You are).  I am THANKFUL that I can WRITE allowing things to flow from my HEART.  I am THANKFUL that I have been able to cry my HEART out because release is important when my HEART has been heavy. 

My HEART is often full. I wear my emotions for all to see even when they don't know me from the next.  My HEART is real deep and runs though all sorts of emotion.  My HEART is ready for LOVE.

I am THANKFUL that HEART heals from HEARTbreak.  I believe that we have all experienced it in one way or another.  We have loved and been broken no matter what the relationship may have been.  We have lost and been broken and we have had all experienced some sort of matter of the HEART.  I am THANKFUL that all matters of the HEART make us stronger and define us to be better people.

Today’s HEART ThoughtMany of us have at some time dreamt of owning one of those magic purses that would never be empty. No matter how much money we would draw from it, it would remain full! As it turns out, we already have such a contraption in us and this one's worth a lot more than a trillion enchanted wallets. Our HEART can love 24-hours a day without ever running empty. As a matter of fact, the more love we pass to others, the more love we'll have!
Author Unknown


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