Sunday, November 18, 2012

FTOTD: We have CHOICE - Be Happy

Know that all emotions grow in size when practiced regularly.
Practice love to have more love,
Practice hate to have more hate.
Practice kindness to have more kindness,
Practice depression to have more depression.
The choice is yours as always. 
Be blessed today and know that WE all have choice.
Be Happy

If it has ever been possible for you to be happy, then it is possible right now. If it ever will be possible for you to be happy, then it is possible right now. Be happy with the person you are right now. No, you're not everything you would like to be. Yet, you have every opportunity to become the person you want to be. Would you really want to miss out on the adventure of fulfilling your possibilities? Of course not! Be happy that you still have more to accomplish, because it is in accomplishment that you experience the richness of living.

Are you not completely sure which way you want your life to go? Then be happy that you are so open to possibilities. And find joy in exploring them. Are you burdened with problems and responsibilities? Then be happy that you have so many opportunities to make a difference, and to grow stronger by overcoming the obstacles.

No circumstance can stop you from being happy. No person can prevent your happiness, except you. Be happy right now because you can be, and because you have every reason to be.

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