Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Day 18: I am THANKFUL for...Something given to someone

 I am notorious for giving gifts.  There are the random special things that are only possibly symbolic to a particular relationship/friendship.  I love the personal aspects of gift giving.  It is always nice to give something to someone special when they least expect it. I love it!  I generally use my favorite catch phrase – I’ve got a little something for you… 

I am THANKFUL for GIFT GIVING but moreso the GIFT of FRIENDSHIP that I have given to those special persons in my life.. Even the smallest things are special but my desire to give to those that I care about is huge.  I am THANKFUL that I have FRIENDSHIP TO GIVE.


Reggie said...

I am notorious for being tighter than pantyhose two or three sizes too small; and yet, I like giving gifts too.

Freckles said...

you crack me up Reggie.


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