Monday, October 15, 2012

Climatic Conversations

Mentally you take me there. Our conversations are seductively sweet.  Listening to your words sends my mind into multiples.  There is always another thought, another reflection, another confirmation.  Speaking to you keeps my mind active and anticipating your next thrust of words.  Your vocabulary combinations are breathtaking.  I’m constantly striving to need your stimulation attempting to be an active participant.  Sometimes you speak to me and steady while other times it’s more deep penetrating and thought provoking.   I continually want more and i question your manly ambitions and how you prefer to be addressed.  You spread knowledge wide open and change tones to match your demeanor. Each conversation keeps me wanting more and peal back each and every part of you to become closer to you. Deep breaths, relaxed and pleasant.  We are more than this metaphor.


M o r e   t o   c o m e …


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