Wednesday, October 10, 2012

1 Week at 33

So I totally planned to do a week of posts last week around my birthday but yeah that so didnt happen.  It was one of those weeks where I just couldnt catch up no matter how much I tried.  I thought that Monday's post was good - Reinventing the Woman I was in my 20s.  I am so thanksful for growth.  I am glad that I look back at her and see where I am now - 33 and fabulous with some flaws but fabulous nonetheless.

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 2, 2012 - My 33rd Birthday was spent well.  I went to work all cute and such.  I had a customer bring me some smell good because she said I was her favorite fashionista and she heard me tell someone it was my birthday.  I thought that it was nice.  One of my co-workers bought me some Tequila (my libation of preferance). A group of friends met up at a lounge for food and drinks (Taco Tuesday) and I drank and drank and drank.  My girl is a bartender at the GS (sportsbar/lounge/club-esque) and she totally took care of me and I drank this birthday coctail all night and she kept them coming.  I drank in 33 looking pretty awesome and my shoes were HAUTE (hoping to have a plan for them at a later date - stick a pin in that we will come back to it at another posts, maybe).  My girls were there and my sister.  I was happy.  Very happy.  Honestly, I look forward to a time that I have a man in my life to spend my birthday with doing something special but this birthday was special as it was and I felt good just be me with my folks.
Now I will say that going to work the next day was all sorts of sloooooow motion.  I drug through the day happy and very slow.  I even wore all black for the occasion.  Everyone felt my good time and NO I did not call earl - not my style but there was a moment when I wish that would have to rid the nausea.  I went to bed fairly early for me but moreso because on Thursdays I go to work early in the AM (5am to be exact) and stayed until 3pm so it was a long day.

One of my favorite people came to town.  She lives in San Diego so not that far but came up for some stroll down memory lane as we attended our high school homecoming game which is always a good time.  Its nice to see folks that you havent seen in a while and be seen while seeing what you can see.   The rest of the weekend was spent just simply relaxing.
Again, thank you all for all the birthday love.  It is so appreciated and means alot to me. 
Happy Birthday to all the LIBRAS out there.


Reggie said...

Happy Birthday.......and nice hooves.

Freckles said...

nice hooves huh? thanks dude.

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