Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wednesday's Words & Lyrics: Come See Me by Jill Scott

"Come See Me"

It's a midsummer night hour and I'm thinkin
about cha babe,wanting you
I wish you could catch a jet plane,I know you
would,if only you could
The finances ain't what we'd like,and
sometimes we have to sacrificeCuz I know,it's hard over there where you are
Cuz it's raining over here on the inside of my womb...

... passion and desire baby...
... innumerable fires honey?...
... I got for you,you know that it's true...
Come see me...

I feel like I've been waiting eternity for you
to touch me
I can see it in my mind's eye,how right
and true,this love we'll make

And ooooh,if you ever believed in anything,
believe this is true
I am your woman baby and you are my man,too


I ain't got no questions in my mind no feelings of doubtI believe I've just been waiting all this time to find out what loves about
And I'm so excited and a little scared, thinkin'
I'm gonna get overwhelmed every breath

Ooh baby I wanna be overwhelmed,I wanna
be overwhelmed,I wanna be...
I wanna feel...

I wanna feel...


...right nowwwwwww

I can hardly stay in my skin
It's hard to breath out and in
All this passion,
all this desire...
C'mon, c'mon, come see me right now


JStar said...

Just stopping through! I hope all is well! :-)

Anonymous said...

I love Jill Scott!

Freckles said...

She is my fav. Love her and she is so my friend in my head.

Freckles said...

JStar, Hey lady. I read that you are happy. glad for you.

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