Wednesday, March 14, 2012

21 Questions

can you answer one?

1. why is it that what we feel and what we think not on the same most times?
2. Why is that love can complicate the simplest situation?
3. Where is the love of my life?
4. why does that good guy not give me warm fuzzies?
5.  why is success sometimes scary?
6.  What does it really mean to grow apart?
7.  Why do fear and failure both start with F?
8.  Why was I in such a rush to be grown?
9. how does one claim that their feelings have not changed but their actions do?
10.  Why not forgive?

12. What is it that I am suppose to be doing with my life? 
13.  What’s my supreme purpose?

14. how does one feel lonely in a world full of people?
15.  why do folks overuse LOL – are they really?

16.  why is opening yourself up sometimes smack you in the face?
17. is there really such a thing as complacency?

18.  Who came up with the grass being greener  and why does it make so much sense?
19.  why do we always want what is not always good for us or to us?
20.  Why cant some folks handle the truth bluntly?
21. Do you have any answers to any of these questions?


the.kisser said...

20- the truth makes us look at ourselves in a way we haven't before, or in a way we just don't want to. it shows us how ugly we are and we as vain human beings are not ready to see that. also, some people do not know how to speak the truth from a place of love, but rather a place of hatred for one's self or for the other person.

Freckles said...

i hear that.

★Starrla Monae☆ said...

4. why does that good guy not give me warm fuzzies?-Most time we are so stuck on what we imagine our perfect guy to be that we overlook the person right under our noses who could be meant for us. Sometimes your gift doesn't come wrapped in the package you expected.

Freckles said...

I can dig that as well. however. I need the warm fuzzy feeling. I need some attraction. Some passion. I need to desire a man in some fashion.

Reggie said...

14. How does one feel lonely in a world full of people?

That's a good question. But a better question would be how does one feel lonely when there is someone laying next to them every night?!? The truth is that not only do people need love, but they also need someone to demonstrate it on a regular basis. It's not enough to say you love someone, you need to show it as well. People pair bond not only for procreation, but also for emotional support.

It's strange in that as the world becomes more crowded and in effect gets smaller, that everyone is so wrapped up in their own agendas, that they don't seem to have time for other people. The more that people interact online, the less they interact on a one on one basis. We've entered a digital age where the human touch is becoming less and less prevalent. Whether they're chasing that almighty dollar or just trying to do their own thing, people are so self centered that they just don't care about the next person.

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