Tuesday, February 7, 2012

30 Day Blog Challenge Day #29: Something that I could never get tired of doing

Love is more than an emotion. It is in our existence.  In our hopes, dreams and all ambitions.  If you love something its worth it.  Its hard work, dedication, foundation.  It's the beginning and the end.  We all love in some shape or fashion.  Its love of self, others, careers, education, materials etc.  There is always something to love.  Love feels good, bags, hurts so good or can hurt so bad.  Love is felt, made and created. When one gets tired of loving, there is not much left to their existence.
I am nothing without LOVE.


Mahogany said...

I love this post. You are so right about Love. I feels so amazing, you can never get tired of it. :)

Freckles said...

Thanks sis. I figured it was my best solution.

Reggie said...

Are you talking about masturbation?!?


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