Saturday, February 4, 2012

30 Day Blog Challenge Day #27: First 10 Songs in my IPOD (music player) from shuffle

First 10 Songs after shuffle
1.    Spaghetti Junction – OutKast
2.    Something – Musiq
3.    Hey You - Floetry
4.    Im DIggin You (like an old soul record)
5.    Didn’t You Know – Erykah Badu
6.    I Rep The West – Ice Cube
7.    Never Give You Up – Raphael Saddiq
8.    Electric Relaxation  - Tribe Called Quest
9.    Rolling In the Deep – Adele
10. Closet Freak - CeeLo


Don said...

I like most of these songs. What are you doing listening to the song Closet Freak?

Reggie said...

There's some good music here. Don't tel anybody, but I've never even owned an IPOD.

Freckles said...

Dude, I love CeeLo and if the song fits...where it.

Freckles said...

CONFESSION: I do not own an IPOD either - just too damn expensive. I shuffled the music on my laptop.

Don said...

That's whats up @ if the song fits

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