Saturday, January 14, 2012

30 Day Blog Challenge Day #7: My Dream Wedding...

I don't really have a dream wedding. 
I just want to be in love and married with forever being our foundation.
I do want a really nice ring and a very awesome kitchen.  I am still figuring the forever part means that we do not have to go into our marriage in debt due to our wedding but if money was no object and in my fantasy world, it would be grand and the presentation would be spectacular.
I want the man (marriage and it not be so much about the wedding).  Realistically, I want to be married at my church in a simply awesome WHITE dress, BLUE shoes as my something blue, my mother would give me something NEW and I would BORROW something from my grandmother. We would take communion, light the unity candle and jump the broom.
Initmate Reception with good food, good music and close friends and family. Open Champagne/ Wine Bar (maybe).
Simple.  However folks that know me know that I am FLASHY so, there would be some sort of unique attribute like a dessert bar, special cocktail and/or special video tribute, photo booth.  It's all in the presentation. 
Simple and Elegant.

There will be no electric slide at my wedding.

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