Sunday, January 29, 2012

30 Day Blog Challenge Day #22: My day by bullet

My Day By Bullet
Ø Woke up in my right mind (which is nice because some days are honestly better than others.  However this morning was awesome) Thankful that God gave me another chance to try to get it right or at least learn something that will make me better.

Ø Got myself together and went to work

Ø Tweeted on my way to work.  (One of my attractive male followers randomly tweets off hash tags regarding himself but us yet to respond a response.

Ø Thought about him

Ø Thought about sex

Ø Got work and earned my keep today.

Ø My coworker brought me some bakes ziti and spinach for lunch today and it was AWESOME.

Ø  Thought about something sexual

Ø Stop by CVS on my way home (I have a strong dislike for papery toilet paper and when the 2 ply is shedding (CHEAP) so upgrading the tissue was necessary.  I wanted to get some wine but one of the chick’s that worked there was so busy tearing all the sale tabs off that I didn’t quite know what I wanted to get that would have been on sale so I opted out.

Ø Thought about him

Ø Sexy little thought or four

Ø Purposely missed a call from a stalker (I have got to stop giving my number out)

Ø Got 2 tacos and a chicken sandwich from jack n the box (only ate one taco and my chicken sandwich was dry.)

Ø Sat for sec and then put some clothes on to go over my mom’s bffs house for drinks and to celebrate their birthday again (their birthday was on Monday but they still celebrating).

Ø Heard someone say something very profound – “a person has to change or they will stop growing” (I’m going to write something of relevancy upon the subject – stay tuned)

Ø Thought about him

Ø Before we went over there I had a mini photo shoot via my laptop using a new program on my computer (good times) I need to better use more the functions/programs that are on my computer.

Ø Felt sexy enough to consider some sort of and then changer my thoughts all together

Ø Wined and socialized

Ø Thought about him

Ø Thought about sex

Ø Thought about sex with him

Ø Picked out what I am wearing to church in the AM

Ø Reviewed all the pictures from the night

Ø Checked my email/ facebook/twitter ( not really in that order)

Ø Realized that I hadn’t posted this post for the challenge

Ø Thinking about taking myself to sleep

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