Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Update - Im Above Ground (2011 edition)

First. let me begin this post by saying that I am so thankful that you have taken the time to come back to my lil place here onthe web even though I have not been posting in months.  I appreciate you.  I am going to do better. 

I am alive.  I am above ground again.  I've been off balance and I am a LIBRA, so I have a hard time managing.  I just needed to hibernate for a moment and get my thoughts in order with my heart.  There has been too much on my mind and I hadn't the heart to share it without the right words.  I have not even been putting ink to paper.  I have been so uninspired with words.  The words just seemed not to come into my spirit from which I write.

However, things are a changing and I am coming into a good place.  I have had some ideas and situations that have come into focus view to cleverly speak (write).  I am truly looking forward to the new year.  2011 has sent me on a roller coaster of emotions that I am currently writing about and should be posting in the next couple of days - Roller coaster 2011 (regarding re meeting someone special the love heartbreak missing my dad friendships new old and dead seeing family for who they are, really as i experienced it this year)

Just wanted to share this with you in hope that you will come back and I am looking forward to consistently reading my faves and reconnecting through words with you.  Don't give up on the connection with my words, stories and point of view.  I am coming home.  Im back for good (consistently).


★Starrla Monae☆ said...

Glad you're back missy!

stephanie said...

i feel you on that. glad to have u back!

Freckles said...

Thanks ladies. I am so checking in on everybody's blogs. commenting all hella late and such.

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