Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wednesday’s Words & Lyrics: Not Like Crazy by Jill Scott

"Not Like Crazy"
Jill Scott

When we first met
I was surprised to get
That feeling,
That feeling
The kind that don't wash away with soap
So sweet to me,
The kind of feeling I need
To get me through the darkest days
For you I prayed

What you do is crazy babe
Not like you belong in an asylum
Crazy babe,
Like the sun in the morning
And the moon at night
Like the rain falling from the sky
Like the trees growing from the ground
I'm astounded babe
By your love for me
And your touching me
And your trust in me
Like you do whoo whoo whoo whoo whoo whoo whoo

Even now I still feel that feeling
Although we've grown
We're still on the same side
Of the proverbial road
Heading in the same direction
I'm so glad to know
With you I spend my time

Crazy baby


JStar said...

I love this :)

Randa said...

I feel like there is something powerful in the words (lyrics) I think with music today, we get lost in the hype and lose the warmth and power of words.

Glad that you liked it. I miss you. Imma have to make my way by your place ... now/soon.

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