Monday, March 14, 2011

Cease the Moment

I often have a lot to say and do not have the desire to write about it. I should be writing all the time since there are a plethora of ideas floating around in my head. These ideas tend to float around along with all the situational stuff that is going on with me. They get all lost in the mayhem. Far too often I have allowed the other stuff over power the use of my words and the passion of pen to paper with words flowing effortlessly. The mere flow of emotions in the moment taking a hold of a wonderful writings.

I often start writes and then walk away. I say that I am going to get back to it and sometimes even do that but then I lose the momentum. I lose the desire for the post, the story, words that inspired something once upon a time. It's really sort of sad that I of all people allows me to miss opportunities to share my voice, my point of view and even my gift. I feel that my gift of words is a talent shared through my daddy. He was a wonderful talent. He wrote all the time and took the time to always sit back and just write even it never develops into anything. He allowed himself to give into moments. He allowed himself to make a moment to sharpen his craft. I began writing again to feel more in tune with my passion. Then it turned into a way to honor my father and get all the grief out with random vents on love, life, and relationships of all kinds. I am particularly fond of man/woman interactions that come from stories with friends, personal situations and all that are hoped for. I write about what I want, what I feel and about things going through my eyes, heart and head.

I read several blogs where I see writers that I write every day or at least every couple of days. They get it off their chest and keep up the dialogue. It is already understood that you are possibly not the only one going through what you are going through or at least thinking the way that you think. It's cool and I admire that. They do not let a moment cease.

Far too often a wonderfully inspiring something happens and I make a note to write about it later and later doesn't come. Then the moment is gone. The passion that encouraged that inspiration ceases. Then I don't go back to it while in the moment. Sometimes when I do try to go back to it, it's hard for me to feel the intensity. The write even sometimes feels mediocre and not worth sharing. I must be better about giving into a moment an inspiration and not let it cease instead of seize it.

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