Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Turning into Love

Nowhere to go
Nowhere to turn
but into each other
deep in thus far

He stands
She sits
Having only this day
Can't be weak

Sit back
Hold firm
This needs to be done

Always had an appreciation
And no justification
But to my satisfaction

Its turning

She stands
He sits
Back and forth
To find what he seek
The answer is staring each in the face
The truth
Waiting to be said

Its turning

Must be calm
State your claim
Stop sweating
No pressure
But the truth
must be told

it started so long ago
neither one was to ever know
started off as friends
but this is where the cycle ends
both wanting more than a friend

through deep infatuation
pure satisfaction
and thought has brought both to this point
but because of anticipation
they know

Its turning

Now it had been seen
Always wanting to be much more
Much more than a friend
The truth
Confronting both
Our minds
Are to be intertwined
Along with soul
Unknown it could be quite like this.

Its turning

Turning into love.

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