Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Desired Union

one day in the midst of the creation

your eyes whispered softly

invent us to complete the other's life

ironically, your mind has touched my soul

and destiny has sent us into this ring of passion

allowing us to feel one another's heart.


your presence has captured my heart

but skeptical of the beginning of the creation

we continue to feel such intense passion

as my eyes reach for your soul

i hold trust in the power of your soul

now i can truly agree to allow you in life.


the day you entered into my life

and began to join union with my heart

you gained the respect of my soul

and the encouraged our love filled creation

it all came upon us so softly

and the unexpected was full of such passion.


the heat involved in this passion

was hotter than present life.

all my emotions were touched softly

and graciously touched my heart.

i am proud to tell of our creation

because it was the day that you captured my soul.


there was something special in your sweet soul

that makes me envy this precious passion

this thankfulness for your creation has brightened my luminous life.

you've made love to my mind through your heart

which is only heard by me softly


now i hear the knowledge of our love softly

feeling the overwhelming beat of my heart

every day i thank destiny for this precious passion

that has definitely bettered my life

leaving me pleasantly pleased with that first day of our creation.



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