Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Day 1: PRIDE

Seven Great Things About Yourself:

1. I am a GREAT cook and bartender.  I love to cook and I have that special ingredient of love and care with all that I prepare. I truly can fix a great drink too.  Not too light, not too strong.  It is important to enjoy it and let it creep upon you.

2.  I have GREAT legs (the speak for themselves) 

3.  I am a GREAT talker that can also listen GREATLY- I pride myself on knowing a little bit about a lot of things that can be carried in a conversation.  I love talking to people, even people that I do not know.  Sometimes I get a little long winded but I have learned to listen.  One will never learn anything if they don't listen.  I can hear what is being said and truly understand most points of view whether I agree or disagree. 

4.  I am GREAT friend.  Those that actually call me FRIEND always know that I care about them.  I am genuine and there is not BS with me.  I am a friend for the long haul - through good and bad with a no matter what circumstance.  If I got it it's yours.  If you need me I am there (at least I try).  I will cry with you, cuss for you and listen.  I am a  great motivator, encourager and even be the one to tell you when you are wrong.  I am the cheerleader and always #1 on your team.

5. I am a GREAT coordinator.  I am truly organized and I get things done.  I work hard and have good follow through and I keep a great paper trail.

6.  I am GREAT with my words.  I try to make sure that I get my point across using the right words and explanation.  I generally do not say anything when I do not have the right words.

7.  I have a GREAT heart. I am not always right and sometimes its not for the best but my heart is sincere and genuine.  I am a hopeless romantic with an amazing compassion for people. I think a good (great) heart is a wonderful attribute.


JStar said...

:) You are so much like my best friend! Thanks for sharing!

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

i like all of your great things. and i can see them all, and i don't even know you like that..which is a GREAT thing in itself. i co-sign for myself with all of them but, "i got great legs" cause even though i'm a fan of my legs..no one but dudes that ain't got no calf muscles like mine lol. which, yes..is very weird. but true.

Freckles said...

JStar, thanks so much. That is a tremendous compliment. I am just really trying to come into myself.

TUN, Sweetie pie - you have made me smile. Thank you.


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