Sunday, September 13, 2009

GOOGLE per Mi Vida Loca

The other day I was scrolling through a friend's older blog entries checking to see if there was anything that I missed. She inspires me and I am working on a few pieces now thanks to her (Mi Vida Loca) when I ran across a blog entitled Google. I wasn't sure what she had to say about it but I wanted to know. I am nosy like that. **slight giggle** and yes I admit it but luckily she is really my friend – thanks LM.

Well she stated that she ran into an old friend (male) who after all this time was single as she. He told her to type in Google to find where all the good men were and then said the response was sitting right next to you. (of course check it out because she told the story better than I)

I thought "Smooth brotha…" I have to say that I like that. It also made me take it one step further. How often have I missed out on that good man sitting right next to me or have I considered a friend as a mate just because he was single. More importantly, could I ask Google to tell me?

I mean really, have I let someone awesome slip by for the fact that he was just a friend. I sure hope not. I ran down my list of male acquaintances over the last 10 years. I wondered how many did I instantly put in my friend box or didn't really acknowledge as someone of interest. I know a lot of men and have had lots of platonic relationships. I know some of them were he just settling because for me it wasn't going down. I can mess around with someone that I am just no interested in. There needs to be some chemistry and I need to have that moment where my panties get just a little wet. Then there are the ones that hang around with just a bit of hope that they will catch me slipping and be around when I need to have the just in case moment. But really I have some guy friends that sincerely think I am cool and they are good dudes. There are a few that are single but are unavailable due to distance, mental status and/or some other situation but are they truly opportunities or Are they just seemingly good since we are single? I don't have an answer but not sure if it is required although it is an interesting thought. Google is good for so much but would Google be able to tell me anything about this?

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